Customs and Immigration


The Fiscal Officer, as head of SBA Customs and Immigration, has responsibility for a wide range of tasks that extend beyond those normally associated with a customs and immigration service. These include matters relating to external border control, direct and indirect taxation, and more diverse subjects such as registrar of births and deaths. 

Main responsibilities:

        - Customs, including imports and exports
        - Immigration, including asylum matters
        - VAT, Income Tax and Social Insurance
        - Duty and Tax-Free schemes for Vehicles and Goods
        - Rationed Goods Scheme and issue of Ration Cards
        - Control of clubs and messes in relation to Duty-Free goods
        - Fisheries, ports and fishing shelters
        - Sea bathing areas
        - Notifying mariners of firing ranges’ exclusion times
        - Business licencing

SBA Customs and Immigration has approximately 50 personnel; comprising locally-recruited staff and a small number of UK Customs and Immigration Officers (on loan from HM Revenue and Customs and Border Force).

Fiscal Office - Episkopi

The Fiscal Office is primarily involved in policy and management matters. In doing so it has well- established links within the Administration, HQ British Forces Cyprus and with relevant departments in the Republic of Cyprus government.

SBA Customs and Immigration - Akrotiri

The principal activity of SBA Customs and Immigration Akrotiri is the control of flights to and from the UK and third countries at RAF Akrotiri. Additionally, as the Sovereign Base Areas have a coastline and associated territorial waters, we have a number of marine-related responsibilities to administer including enforcement of fisheries and sea bathing areas legislation.


SBA Customs and Immigration - Dhekelia

The majority of SBA Customs and Immigration officers are based in the Eastern Sovereign Base Area and control the two land boundary crossing points between the SBA and the Turkish-controlled area of northern Cyprus. These crossing points are manned 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to control the movement of both persons and goods in accordance with EU regulations.

Fiscal Office Contact Numbers

Episkopi 2596 3342

Akrotiri   2527 6762

Dhekelia 2474 4078

Ay Nik     2474 4226


All three offices offer a comprehensive service to customers requiring assistance and advice on Customs, Immigration and Taxation matters. Opening hours between offices vary and are advertised on this website.
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