The position is open to UK Family Members with a valid for employment and current status stamp (previously known as UKD).

UKN:  The position is open to UK Nationals, priority will be given to UKFMs. 
CYN:  The position is open to Cypriot Nationals. 
Volunteer: CYN/UKN/UKFMs  The position is open to all; is a non paid post 


Ref No. Post Title Location Eligibility Closing Date
HR/21/96 Learning Support Assistant Episkopi UKFM 04 Oct 2022
HR/22/154 WRAP Around LSA Dhekelia UKFM 05 Oct 2022
HR/22/28 Early Years Senior Practitioner Episkopi UKFM/UKN 06 Oct 2022
HR/18/142 Sail Brach Instructor Akrotiri CYN/UKFM/UKN 07 Oct 2022
HR/22/113 Higher Level Teaching Assistant Dhekelia / Ayios Nikolaos UKFM/UKN 07 Oct 2022
HR/22/141 Animal Warden Dhekelia UKFM/CYN 07 Oct 2022
HR/22/160 Security Pass Clerk Dhekelia UKFM 07 Oct 2022
HR/22/80 Early Years Room Leaders Akrotiri UKFM/CYN/UKN 09 Oct 2022
HR/22/93 Early Years Unqualified Practitioner Episkopi UKFM 09 Oct 2022
HR/22/155 Quality Assurance and Assessment Centre Early Years Assessor Episkopi UKFM 11 Oct 2022
HR/22/163 Learning Support Assistant Akrotiri UKFM 12 Oct 2022
HR/22/156 Early Years Room Leader Episkopi UKFM / UKN 12 Oct 2022
HR/22/157 Early Years Qualified Practitioner Episkopi UKFM 12 Oct 2022
HR/22/72 MT Labourer Akrotiri CYN 13 Oct 2022
HR/22/107 DCS Early Years Learning Through Food Ayios Nikolaos UKFM 13 Oct 2022
HR/22/164 Early Years Room Leader Dhekelia  UKFM / UKN 16 Oct 2022
HR/22/63 Youth Worker Akrotiri UKFM 17 Oct 2022
HR/22/138 Early Years Unqualified Practitioner – Akrotiri Akrotiri UKFM 23 Oct 2022
HR/22/139 Early Years Qualified Practitioner Akrotiri UKFM 23 Oct 2022



Applications can only be accepted up to Midnight CY Local Time of the closing date
Please be informed that a new application form is available, the old version of the application is no longer accepted


The Sovereign Base Areas Administration is an Equal Opportunities Employer.