Trachoni Teen Convicted of Illegal Gambling

Story: BFC Media Ops
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A 19 year old Cypriot national was sentenced to six months in prison last week after pleading guilty to operating an illegal casino in Trachoni.


Nestoros Mehmed, who has a Turkish Cypriot father and a Greek Cypriot mother, was first arrested during an SBA Police raid on June 5 after intelligence officers discovered the premises was being used to conduct illegal gambling.

During the raid, police officers made 23 arrests, which included staff and customers, as well as seizing numerous gambling tables, computers and a small amount of cash.

Chief Inspector Dinos Petrou, explained how the raid took place, he said: “We had been given some reliable intelligence that the premises, which had been closed since May, was going to be reopened as an illegal casino, so we were able to deploy a number of our resources into getting inside and catching them gambling illegally.”

But despite the conviction of Mehmed, the case is still not closed, as another 15 people are scheduled to appear in court to answer lesser charges according to the chief inspector.

He explained: “Because we made so many arrests it does take some time but we are hopeful they will appear in court shortly on lesser charges to that of Mehmed.

“These people were customers and some who worked there but Mehmed was found guilty of operating the casino.”

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