Kids Get on Their Bikes

Story: BFC Media Ops

During the first week of May, 42 students from RAF Akrotiri Primary school were given the opportunity to undertake the Bikeability National Standard Cycle training


under the professional guidance of the Sovereign Base Area Police, the Cyprus Joint Police Unit and the British Forces Cyprus Youth Centre.

 Representatives from the three units became qualified instructors in November last year and have since undertaken to train children, teenagers and even some adults across BFC.

 Bikeability is described as ‘cycling proficiency for the 21st century’ and it has been designed to give the ‘next generation’ the skills and confidence to ride their bikes on today’s roads.

 BFC schools island-wide have been very lucky to be given the opportunity to participate in the training, which sees them qualify up to Levels 1 and 2.  

 During Level 1, trainees learn to control and master their bicycle in an environment away from traffic, usually in a playground or closed car park and those taking part also learn how to carryout simple bike checks, use gears, manoeuvre safely to avoid objects, control their bike with one hand and how to use the correct signals.  

 During the Level 2 phase of instruction, students took to local roads to gain real cycling experience, which included short journeys, what to do at crossing junctions and the use of roundabouts.

 Sergeant Costas Costandinos, from Dhekelia’s Community Police Unit, who also oversaw the same training in the ESBA, said: “This is fantastic training for all those students involved and it will prove invaluable to them in the future when they take to the roads.

 “All of those involved in the instruction of the students have undertaken the same training and they have done a wonderful job in translating that across to the students.”




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