• Romanian Man Arrested in Achna

    Story: BFC Media Ops

    A Romanian national living in Achna Forest has been remanded in custody until October 10 after the SBA Police were called to a disturbance by neighbours reporting threatening and violent behaviour earlier this month.

  • Wanted man arrested in Pergamos

    Story: BFC Media Ops

    A man wanted by the SBA Police for an alleged attempted murder in Xylophagou last year was arrested at the Pergamos crossing point on September 13 as he attempted to return back into the south of the island through the SBAs.

  • SBAP and CyPol joint gambling raid

    Story: BFC Media Ops

    The Sovereign Base Area and Cyprus Police launched two joint anti-gambling raids in the villages of Trachoni and Ypsonas on Tuesday afternoon, making numerous arrests in the process and seizing gambling equipment and large quantities of drugs.

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