• Permanent Under Secretary for Defence in BFC

    Story: BFC Media Ops

    20140918 PUS Visits Op SHADERPermanent Under Secretary for Defence, Jon Thompson, returned to the UK on this week having completed a whistle-stop tour of British Forces Cyprus, the Sovereign Base Area Administration (SBAA), the United Nations mission in Cyprus and the British High Commission.


  • Signs Warn Against Theft

    Story by: BFC Media Ops

    As part of its crime prevention operations, the SBA Police in the WSBA has placed a number of warning signs in the Ladies Mile Beach and the Curium areas warning against theft.

  • Public Order Training in ESBA

    Story by: BFC Media Ops

    On August 27, the SBA Police in the presence of the Cyprus Football Association conducted a large-scale public order training exercise at the Ethnikos Achna football stadium in order to prepare for the football season.

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